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Vasectomy Brisbane

Dr Lekich is trained as a microsurgeon by one of the leading microsurgeons in the world and has performed many open-ended vasectomies as well as vasectomy reversals. The vasectomy procedure starts with an ultrasound assessment and then the procedure can usually begin straight away. The procedure itself should not take longer than an hour and our team will follow up to see how you are feeling during the following days.

Vasectomy Reversal Brisbane

This technique has been responsible for over 6000 successful vasectomy reversal procedures and utilises microsurgical techniques to realign the extremely delicate vas tube (which is the width of two hairs). Our team has been fully trained to deliver this procedure and we have been successfully delivering it to patients for decades.

Why choose Metrocentre?

Ultrasound is used to assess the area and plan your procedure

When it comes to this type of procedure it’s important that our team is able to assess the area and properly plan for your treatment. This extra step Metrocentre takes is used to ensure patient safety as well as maximise results for our patients. This step is also especially important when it comes to vasectomy reversal procedures as scar tissue may exist in the area.

What is the Owen 3 Layer Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal technique?

This vasectomy reversal technique is one that was pioneered by Dr Chris Lekich’s mentor, Dr Earl Owen – who was one of the most renowned microsurgeons in the world. Dr Lekich was chosen as Dr Owen’s mentee so that he could carry on his microsurgical techniques, including his vasectomy reversal procedure. This is now used at our clinics across Australia with great success for our patients.

Not a ‘quick snip’

Metrocentre does not advertise what the industry often calls ‘quick snips’ as we believe your vasectomy should not be treated with such frivolity. We are extremely careful to assess the area and provide proper care throughout your procedure. When it comes to our vasectomy reversal our surgeons take up to 2-3 hours to complete it to give you the best chance of a successful procedure.

15 years in the field

Dr Chris Lekich has extensive experience under his belt, which ensures that he can provide his patients with the expertise they need. Even though vasectomies are not considered as invasive as procedures such as liposuction or other surgeries, it still has the power to significantly change your life; after all, the possibility of children has the power to change the course of your life. This is why many patients choose Metrocentre due to our level of experience.