Success Rates

Metrocentre is one of the very few clinics worldwide to use the advanced Owen Three-Layer Closure technique

Dr Lekich uses the advanced Owen Three-Layer Close technique, pioneered and perfected by Professor Owen since 1971, in his specially designed facility located on the Gold Coast. This technique has been used in over 6000 procedures, and draws on over 40 years of microsurgical research and experience. Our procedure has been optimised to reach the very highest success rates.

Our highly experienced team has successfully reversed vasectomies performed anywhere from a single to 34 years ago

The success rate of the Owen Three-Layer closure technique has enabled the following success rates:

Years since vasectomy:

Success Rate:

0-5 years80-90%
6-10 years70-80%
11-15 years65-75%
16-20 years50-65%

Several factors can influence the success of this reversal procedure, and these include:

  • The time between the original vasectomy and the reversal procedure
  • The technique employed for the original vasectomy
  • The precision, experience, skill and equipment your chosen team employs

At Metrocentre, we currently perform around 25 Owen 3 Layer Micro-Surgical Vasectomy Reversal each month, making us one of the largest and most experienced clinics in Australia.